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Nix and hunter go live

still waters 200

A reformed nix. A deadly hunter. And an uneasy truce that may destroy them both.

“Still Waters” is now up on All Romance and Smashwords, for free. I’m so excited that this story is finally available for everyone, and I can’t wait to hear what people will think.

Check it out if you’re interested in dark myth-inspired worlds, water shifters, ginger mermen, and/or two natural enemies (and alpha males) trying to work together to take down a common threat… only to discover a dangerous attraction along the way.

island japan smallThe story is also available on Amazon, but since it’s not possible to set the price at 0.00 there, it isn’t free yet. It will be, though. In a few days (hopefully), Amazon will price-match the story down to nothing, and then it will be free everywhere.

I’ll keep you posted!

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Still Waters

Usually, I have a hard time writing to prompts – but I risked it for the Goodreads M/M Romance group’s “Love Is an Open Road” event, in which group members write free image- and prompt-inspired gay romances. And I am very glad I gave in to temptation, because I was lucky enough to snag the perfect prompt for me! It’s by Kathleen, and reads simplyI only have two words for you: ginger merman! Everything else is up to you.

Still Waters Cover

My myth-inspired novella “Still Waters” is roughly 30k long and will be published this summer – first in the M/M Romance group, then in all the usual places. And it will be entirely free!

This is the book’s blurb – extract to follow.


A reformed nix.

Drakjan has been living as a harmless freshwater merman for so long he sometimes almost believes in the lie himself.


A deadly hunter.

Hraban has dedicated his life to taking down creatures like Drakjan, protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

An uneasy truce.

When fate forces them together, the nix and the hunter discover a dangerous attraction… and a threat that can destroy everything Drakjan has come to love.


(Why, yes. Faced with a prompt consisting of two words, I still managed to avoid complying with both of those words, if you want to get technical. Ahem.)

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Writing about Beavers, Demigods and Shadowy Government Agencies

Right now, I have three books lined up waiting to be written… plus a challenge story involving a ginger merman, and a potential sequel to First Contact. I also have what seems like a negative amount of time, but I refuse to let that stop me. Time is a state of mind. Ahem.

background-647559_1280Amazingly enough, I already have titles for most of these stories – and even a book cover for one of them! I really do seem to have overcome my title impairment of yore, I’m glad to say. So really, there’s very little standing in the way of me just finishing them already.

The merman challenge story is up first, and will involve beavers, corpses, lots of singing and (probably) no fluff at all. Possibly a Little Matchgirl and/or other eldritch horrors. We shall see.

After that I want to return to an m/m urban fantasy I’m already about a third of the way into. It needs to be extensively rewritten for reasons of both creeping chastity and general plot, but I think I have a good handle on how to tackle this now.

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