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Love for the Cold-Blooded

Or: The Part-Time Evil Minion’s Guide to Accidentally Dating a Superhero

Cover Image Being related to a supervillain isn’t a big deal to Pat West. So what if his mom occasionally tries to take over the world? All Pat wants is to finish university and become an urban designer. That he moonlights as an evil minion sometimes – that’s just a family tradition.

Then Pat accidentally sleeps with superhero Silver Paladin, otherwise known as reclusive billionaire Nick Andersen. It’s a simple misunderstanding. Pat never means to impersonate a prostitute, honest. But soon Pat is in way over his head, and threatening to fall for the worst possible guy.

When Pat’s mother returns to bring the world to its knees, Silver Paladin races to stop her… and all of Pat’s secrets threaten to blow up in his face. How can Pat reconcile being a minion with wanting a hero? Will Nick’s feelings for Pat overcome what keeps them apart? Or will they both lose everything?

Length: 135,000 words

Contains explicit sexual content.

Read an excerpt from “Love for the Cold-Blooded” here.

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“Love for the Cold-Blooded” is a Prism Book Alliance Recommended Read.

“Love for the Cold-Blooded” received two 2015 Rainbow Award Honorable Mentions.

Rainbow HM2

“Love for the Cold-Blooded” is the 2nd Place Winner for Best Book Debut in the Goodreads M/M Romance Member’s Choice Awards 2015.

2nd place debut

“Love for the Cold-Blooded” was nominated for the Goodreads M/M Romance Member’s Choice Awards 2015 in nine categories.

members choice Coldblooded badges overview

8 thoughts on “Love for the Cold-Blooded

    • I’m so sorry for the late answer, Adrianna! Somehow this slipped through the cracks…

      As for your question, unfortunately I can’t give you a truly satisfying answer. I have no immediate plans to write a sequel, but the question has been brought up so often that I have been turning ideas over in my head… and there is definitely more to tell about Pat, Nick and their madcap world of hoagies and challengers.

      I do have a number of other projects I want to finish first. But afterwards, who knows?

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  1. Is ‘Love for the Cold Blooded…’ available as a paperback?

    Loved it sooo much, thanks 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just finished Love for the Cold-Blooded and loved it! Looks like it’s been a while since the question was asked but sequel and if not sequel could there be a short about family dinner night??? I can only imagine what happened!

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    • Hi Lyndsey,

      thank you for letting me know you enjoyed the book so much – it is wonderful to hear! 🙂 And you are not alone in wanting to know more about the fateful family dinner… it certainly does promise to be a memorably evening, one way or another.

      As it happens, I will be releasing a free short story in the Love for the Cold-Blooded in the next few days, but alas, it won’t be about the family dinner. I hope you’ll enjoy it even so. 🙂

      My answer to the sequel question has not changed, except that there are now even more stories in progress on my plate. However, if there ever is a sequel, there will most definitely also be a family dinner. 😉


  3. Hi Alex!


    Just finished reading it, and since I started it, a couple of hours ago, I have not stopped smiling!!! It literally made me so happy, and the story plays out so well! The characters have dimensions to them, and it is fabulous to see them grow and change as the story goes on…plus those XXX scenes – you describe those SO WELL!

    I just wanted to say thank you; as a massive nerd, with a thing for superheroes, video-games, pizza and gay porn, this book is genuinely life! The story line is incredible, the characters are relatable, and fun, and the whole thing is just so much fun! I genuinely could not put it down!

    I actually felt sad it ended how it did, not because of the ending (which was phenomenal), but because I needed to know more about Pat and Nick, and the dinner, and their relationship, and everything!!!

    Thank you for writing this book – and I know you are super busy with other projects, but PLEASE make a sequel to this…even if you release it in chapters, I need to know Pat and Nick live happily ever after! PLEASE!!!

    Also, heard you did a short story based on this novel; please send a link so I can grab a copy!

    Thanks again, you’re amazingly talented!!!


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    • Hi Jorge,

      thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! I feel that making someone smile and bringing some happiness into their life through a book is one of the greatest things any author can achieve, and I am truly happy and flattered that “Love for the Cold-Blooded” could do this for you. 🙂

      As you were no doubt able to tell, I am a massive nerd myself, and writing “Love for the Cold-Blooded” was a lot of fun – it gave me the chance to play with so many wonderful things. It also allowed me to poke gentle fun at some of the nerdy tropes I love. It’s great that reading it was fun, too! Including the XXX scenes. 😉

      Wow, I can’t believe that I have still not managed to convert the short story “Mirror, Mirror” into the common ebook formats and upload it to my page – sorry about that! But in the meantime, you can read it here.

      Pat and Nick will definitely live happily ever after, by the way. Neither of them is likely to turn from his ways, of course, so there may be slight hiccups as challengers challenge, Nick hoagies, and Ghost Matter comes to town on their latest concert tour. But in the end, both of them know what matters, and both of them know that their differences are part of what makes them so right for each other.

      I hope that the short story can give you a small taste of that – and thank you again for letting me know you enjoyed the book!


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