Alex Gabriel

Writer. Reader. Romancer.

Review Policy

As a reader, you are free to express your opinion about my books however you please, regardless of whether your opinion is positive or negative.

There should be a “needless to say” in the previous sentence, but unfortunately, the behavior of certain authors has made it necessary to be completely clear on this.

Reviews are not intended for the author, but for other readers. I am entirely aware of this fact, and I respect it utterly. Reviews fulfill a very important role in the community of readers, and I am immensely grateful to anyone who takes the time to read, rate and/or review one of my books (in whatever way, positive or negative).

As an author, I will never comment on reviews; they are not meant for me. I will never attempt to participate in discussions between readers; it is not my place. I will certainly never argue with, complain about or harass a reviewer. The very idea horrifies me.

Read. Review. Speak your mind in whatever way you wish. Give your honest opinion, positive or negative. I assure you that I will neither interfere, nor bear any kind of grudge or ill will.

This does not mean that I don’t want to talk to readers. Of course I do! But I will never crash reader discussions or invade space meant for readers in order to do so.

If you want to talk to me about my books, please contact me through this website, via Facebook or Twitter, or by email.

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