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Walk the Walk: Free “Learning How to Lose” Short Story

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Ryuu Shiwasuda still isn’t a fan of losing, so it’s a good thing he doesn’t have to… much. His lover Hiro does tend to be better at the games they play – even when the game in question happens to be an unexpected bout of roleplaying of the “hooker and john” variety.

But then, there really aren’t any losers in a game like that, right? At least that’s Ryuu’s position, and he’s sticking to it.

lhtl ep2 walk 1600Download “Walk the Walk”:

(The files are hosted on – please let me know if you have any problems downloading.)

~~~ “Walk the Walk” is a slice of life story set after the “Learning How to Lose, in Six Easy Steps” trilogy, and features a large percentage of hot sex. It also includes unexpected sweetness, spontaneous roleplaying, Ryuu being awkwardly sincere in strange moments, Hiro being surprisingly good at being a fake hooker, and more. (Also, Yo is a troll. But then, we already knew that.) ~~~


While it doesn’t contain any actual spoilers, “Walk the Walk” is written as an epilogue rather than a stand-alone story, and builds on the characters and their relationship and history as established in the earlier books. Thus, it may not be as satisfying to read without knowledge of these works.

The story is also available on Smashwords and All Romance.

ETA: Amazon has declined to lower the price to 0.00 via price-matching, so the story will not be available there for the foreseeable future.

Alternately, if you can’t get “Walk the Walk” through the above links, just drop me a line – I’m also happy to send it per email!

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